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Professional Development -- Jamie Jones

Professional Development

The power of privilege…
With her Givenchy suits and Gucci handbags, elementary school teacher Janice Southworth lives a life of privilege. But a guilty secret has haunted her since childhood when she called another child a cruel and insensitive name. Suddenly she’s in danger of exposure when she attends a professional development course and confronts the compelling, sexy man that child became.

The power of the past…
Special education teacher Dylan Adams knows he was born to be an Alpha male, but his soul still carries the scars of a child’s malicious words. Dylan’s dark side has him flirting with BDSM to explore his pain. He doesn’t hesitate to seize an opportunity to lure his tormenter into the darkness with him.

The power of pain…
Sometimes the only way to erase the pain is to experience it over and over until it stops having the power to hurt. Janice and Dylan are supposed to be learning a new language arts program. Instead, they’re learning the language of pain and passion, as more than just a professional relationship develops between them. To have any future, they’ll first have to heal the past.

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