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Perfect Lover-- Jamie Jones

Perfect Lover

A falling star…

Actress Ruby Ralston knows what it’s like to be a star on stage and screen, but that’s all in the past. Now the best she can manage is a role in a second-rate play at a third-rate theater about as far off Broadway as an actress can get. Although this might be a stepping-stone on her path back to stardom, something’s missing. The promise of fame and glory no longer fill the nameless hunger she’s feeling inside.

Stars in his eyes…

Pierre Bennett may be significantly younger than Ruby, but he’s idolized the movie star since his teens. Her stunning beauty still takes his breath away. He’s working as a lowly production coordinator—a glorified gofer—in a rundown theater, but someday he’s going to get into filmmaking as a writer or producer. But that’s going to take money and knowledge. Knowledge an experienced actress like Ruby might be willing to share. And if that comes with the creamy legs he’s fantasized about? Even better.

Let the play begin…

What woman wouldn’t be drawn by Pierre’s dark good looks and sexy swagger? But it’s more than that. His blunt demeanor and intelligent business questions are a refreshing change from the usual yes-men Ruby meets. And in his arms she might find something more satisfying than fame and glory ever offered.

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