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Perfect Image -- Jamie Jones

Perfect Image

Image is everything…
Piper Isenhart named her production company Perfect Image because that’s what she sells to her high-end fashion clients: beauty. Her superficial hiring practices made her a success, but beautiful doesn’t equal loyal, either on the job or in her personal life. After the defection of yet another pretty face, a top client offers a wager: hire the next person to walk through the door, warts and all. Piper accepts, but hadn’t expected that person to be quite so…challenging.

Looks aren’t everything…
All Tyrone Bennett wants is a chance to be the best he can be. Smart but socially awkward, he’s never had more than a minimum wage job. But if he’s going to help his family and pay for college, he’ll need more than that. He’s looking for a job the old-fashioned way, pounding the pavement, when he walks smack into Piper’s wager at Perfect Image.

But everything’s on the line…
Piper always attracted men interested only in her money and connections. Deep inside, she’s ready for someone different. She hadn’t anticipated someone as different as Tyrone. But under his geeky glasses and ill-fitting clothes, Piper discovers not only a smoking hot body, but a mind and heart that will challenge her. But only if she’s willing to change her idea of what exactly “perfect” means.

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