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Guided Practice -- Jamie Jones

Guided Practice

Determined to make her mark as the new middle school vice principal, Lara Rumson is hellbent on proving herself to her new boss.  But beneath her frosty and professional exterior, her stuffy and stifling suits hide a body that's ready for anything.  But when she meets her sexy, new subordinate, that cold front begins to melt with heated desire.

Former football player, Kelvin Young comes from a privileged background, but teaching is his real passion. After all, he doesn't want anything to jeopardize his career.  But his fiery, new boss piques more than just his interest. 

Anything forbidden is always better and hotter.  Unable to resist the temptation between them, Kelvin and Lara begin an explosive and sordid affair.  But when Kelvin becomes the target of racist parents and Lara's boss will do anything to take her down, their relationship is put to the final test. Will their extracurricular activities destroy everything they've learned?

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