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Early Finishers -- Jamie Jones

Perfect Physique


Lara Young, newlywed to Kelvin Young, is invited to the family’s annual Halloween party. Costumes are required, couples must arrive separately, and no one can speak. But the party takes on a sinister twist when Lara is locked in an upstairs room with a strange guest. Will her husband save her from the mysterious stalker?


A couple of days before Halloween, Lara Young finds an ominous message spray-painted on a back wall where she works. Then, Lara receives a letter from an attorney advising her to inspect a property left by a distant relation. On Halloween night, Kelvin ventures alone to the house, but doesn’t expect his visit will turn out to be yet another Halloween nightmare.


Being raised in a trailer park doesn’t exactly prepare a girl for an invitation to a posh Thanksgiving dinner in a fancy house. Isaach Madison, the high school basketball star, has his wealthy family’s backing. Maybe falling in love while Nikki was Issach’s student teacher wasn’t the best beginning, but Nikki’s made room for Issach in her heart. Is his family willing to make room for her in theirs?


Fashion designer-turned-school teacher Jasmine Landers is about to be married for the first time to the man of her dreams. Handsome hunky groom Monte Davis is on a business trip in the northeast. Guests have arrived, food has been prepared, and Jasmine awaits news of her groom’s arrival. Will Monte make it back in town in time for his Christmas Eve wedding? Or will Jasmine be left at the alter?


Jasmine & Monte Davis have built a home together as well begun building a life. The illness of Jasmine’s only relative has cast pallor over the season. Monte is thrilled to celebrate his first wedding anniversary. The joy of the Christmas season inspires him to open his home and his heart. Jasmine is at her aunt’s bedside. Will her Christmas spirit be broken? Or will the true meaning of giving touch their lives?


Anita Kaplan has it all—a good career, a hunk of a man, and a promising future. The one thing she’s never had was a place of her own. Doug Wolf lost his wife in a car accident, and didn’t know he could love again until he met Anita. During a hot Louisiana summer, Anita struggles with a decision. Will she realize she has everything she needs, or make a terrible mistake?

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