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Bell Ringers -- Jamie Jones

Bell Ringers Three Novellas


Carolyn Carmichael has completed her master’s degree and landed a job as a reading interventionist. She’s determined to get reading scores up but never dreamed she’d be getting something else up in the process. DaShon Turner is a hard-working single-dad, trying to provide for his young son. He wasn’t expecting to become so distracted by the sexy new hire. When they find themselves alone one morning, long before the rest of the staff arrives, their passion cannot be contained.


First year schoolteacher Anita Kaplan still lives at home with her parents and yearns to escape from the stifling environment. Her college years were marred by a date gone wrong, and a man is the last thing on her mind. Doug Wolf is a strong, blue collar working man whose wife passed suddenly in a car accident. He tries his best to provide structure for his six-year-old son while dealing with his own grief. Anita begins her first day as a teacher dealing with a child who will not stop crying. What she doesn’t expect is how significant a role the boy’s father will play in her life.


Elementary school teacher Janice Southworth lives a life of privilege. But a guilty secret has haunted her since childhood when she called another child a cruel and insensitive name. Dylan Adams knows he was born to be an Alpha male, but his soul still carries the scars of a child’s malicious words. Dylan’s dark side has him flirting with BDSM to explore his pain. He doesn’t hesitate to seize an opportunity to lure his tormenter into the darkness with him.To have any future, they’ll first have to heal the past.

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