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A Thanksgiving Gift -- Jamie Jones

A Thanksgiving Gift

Waiting for her chance…
Being raised in a trailer park by an alcoholic mother doesn’t exactly prepare a girl for an invitation to a posh Thanksgiving dinner in a fancy house. Nikki Dayton may be a waitress now, but she has big plans and a lot to be thankful for, including Isaach, the high school basketball star who’s also the star of Nikki’s yummiest dreams. She just needs to finish her teaching degree. And find the perfect hostess gift.

Lucky chances…
High school senior Isaach Madison used to be a player both on the b-ball courts and off, but one look at Nikki changed everything. His basketball skills make him a top recruit into any college and he has his wealthy, successful family’s backing. But Isaach has bigger dreams than playing basketball. Those dreams include Nikki, in spite of his family’s misgivings.

Chance of a lifetime…
Maybe falling in love while Nikki was Issach’s student teacher wasn’t the best beginning, but what they have together is real. Thanksgiving dinner with Issach’s family could be the perfect chance for Nikki to impress them. Or the perfect chance to completely screw up. Nikki’s made room for Issach in her heart. Is his family willing to make room for her in theirs?

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