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Perfect Physique -- Jamie Jones

Perfect Physique

Wanted: Something sexy…
After a month of workshops, whining women, and no men at a writer’s retreat, romance writer Flora Collins has an itch in serious need of scratching. It’s time to get over her cheating ex-boyfriend and spoil herself with something sweet and sinful. And she’s not talking about chocolate. Flora longs to feel what the heroines in her romance novels feel, but it isn’t going to happen unless she’s willing to take a few risks and a little stroll on the wild side.

Must have: Smooth moves…
Dwayne Bennett—a bodybuilder whose middle name should be Adonis—used to have the kind of body no woman would look at twice. Now he has the kind of body every woman craves. He might score big on the amateur body building circuit but there’s another kind of score he’s more interested in—the musical kind. At 23 years old, he may be young, but he has dreams of being a composer.

Interests: Making music together…
When a friend urges Flora to place a personals ad to find a hunk, Dwayne hits all the right notes. But when Flora’s stalker ex-boyfriend interrupts their tryst, their hot and steamy encounter suddenly turns dark and dangerous. And Flora needs to decide if Dwayne will be just a one-hit-wonder or if he’s playing her song for the long term.

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